Company Introduction

For over 40 years, Daechun Laver Co., Ltd has been focused only in manufacturing Seaweed products.
By providing only trustworthy quality products to consumers, Daechun Laver is a company which strives to help consumers enjoy healthy lifestyles and share productive lives with fishermen.
Therefore, all of Daechungim’s products are faithfully produced in each and every piece of laver with the feeling that “my family also eats this”. As a traditional Korean food products certified company manufacturing and selling ingredients processed with traditional methods, we provide natural purity in taste, color, and nutrition by purchasing seaweed collected directly from the clean water of South Korea’s west coast. In the future, we will continually research and strive to maintain Daechungim’s reputation with full marks in natural taste
and nutrition and take pride in the knowledge that consumers are eating the best laver when they eat Daechungim laver.
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  • Response Level
      less than 30%
  • Supplier Level
      Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5